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Tuesday, August 26th, 2014


Busch Gardens Tampa FL


Orlando FL is thought of as the number one theme park city in the world with Walt Disney World, Sea World, and Universal Studios, but the neighboring City of Tampa also has the incredibly popular Busch Gardens Tampa FL…  This is one of my favorite theme parks, because of the assortment of attractions, shows, and roller coasters that is unmatched anywhere else in Florida!  This park has more roller coasters than any other park in Florida, plus a huge animal park that rivals the Disney Animal Kingdom in Orlando FL…Read More

Blizzard Beach Water Park at Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World in Orlando FL is an incredible place with many amazing theme parks that you need to see, and they also have two of the best water parks in Florida!  Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are two incredible water parks, and in this article I’m going to talk about Blizzard Beach…  This park is a lot of fun on a hot summer’s day, with all the great slides and activities you would expect from one of the best water parks in the United States… For pure adrenalin slidesRead More

Bahia Honda State Park: Florida Keys Favorite!


Anyone who has ever been to the Florida Keys knows how serene and beautiful it is, and the drive along U.S.1 is amazing to see with the turquoise colored water on both sides of the narrow strip of land as you travel down…  As you continue your journey south toward Key West, you will marvel over the 7 mile bridge, the Key Deer Wildlife Refuge, and some of the incredible state parks there in the Keys.  One particular state park is the Bahia Honda State Park located toward the LowerRead More

Wonders of the Georgia Aquarium


The unofficial capital of the southeastern United States is Atlanta Georgia, and it’s an amazing city with many fantastic attractions, including the Aquarium Georgia, better known as the Georgia Aquarium.  This is a relatively new attraction in the Atlanta area and is the largest aquarium in the world!  It was created by private investors who wanted to bring something to Georgia that would help educate and entertain its citizens and the millions of tourists that the aquarium would drive to Atlanta.  Today, it is a huge draw and many peopleRead More

Adventure Island Waterpark, Busch Gardens, Tampa


The City of Tampa is in a fantastic location next to Tampa Bay and the Gulf coast, and has many great attractions such as the Busch Gardens theme park and the Adventure Island water park…  Anheuser-Busch owns the Busch Gardens and Sea World theme parks, and Adventure Island is the water park associated with Busch Gardens in Tampa.  This is one of my favorite water parks in Florida, and it’s very popular with both Florida residents and Central Florida tourists. Adventure Island has a uniquely tropical Florida and Caribbean theme,Read More