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Adventure Island Waterpark, Busch Gardens, Tampa


The City of Tampa is in a fantastic location next to Tampa Bay and the Gulf coast, and has many great attractions such as the Busch Gardens theme park and the Adventure Island water park…  Anheuser-Busch owns the Busch Gardens and Sea World theme parks, and Adventure Island is the water park associated with Busch Gardens in Tampa.  This is one of my favorite water parks in Florida, and it’s very popular with both Florida residents and Central Florida tourists.

Adventure Island has a uniquely tropical Florida and Caribbean theme, with some great slides and rides focusing on the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.  They have a very large beach volleyball area called the Spike Zone, where you can hang loose and relax with some friends as you play the day away on the courts…  If you get the Florida resident annual pass at the Busch Gardens and Adventure Island parks, you can get into the parks every day of the year for one low price!  So if playing volleyball is your thing, you won’t feel like you are losing out by not going on any of the fantastic attractions at the park, because you have 365 days of the year to see everything that you want for no additional charge!

The many slides of Adventure Island go by names such as Yahoo Run, Aruba Tuba, Calypso Coaster, Key West Rapids, Everglides, and Gulf Scream…  These are all fantastic attractions, and some are downright scary looking from down below!  The Everglides definitely will make you think a couple of times if that is a slide you might consider skipping…  It careens down at a 45 degree angle but looks much worse as you teeter on the edge at the top!  They place you on your knees on a rubber mat and then push you over the edge to your doom…  At least that’s how it feels!


I love the long raft ride at the Adventure Island Water Park called the Yahoo Run, because it is so much fun!  Each raft holds about 4 people and it’s a very turbulent ride with many twists and turns high in the air to get to the bottom, hopefully in one piece!

There are many great tube slides in the park also, where you can go with a single rider tube or maybe a double tube if you are a couple…  There are lots of awesome options available at Adventure Island, and you’ll probably get right back in line again once you reach the bottom!  Of course, every great water park has a lazy river where you can relax and just float with the current downstream, and this park is no exception!  The Rambling Bayou is amazing with a half mile of lush landscapes that you’ll drift through, including a tropical rainforest with waterfalls, and even rain and fog!  This lazy river is one of my favorites anywhere…


Kids will love Adventure Island also, with the fantastic children’s area called Fabian’s Fun Port and Paradise Lagoon!  They can splash and play in the many spouts and squirts of this this water playground!  Paradise Lagoon has a very fun rope crossing that has you stepping on “icebergs” and holding onto a rope in order to successfully cross to the other side, and it’s very popular with kids of all ages…  Also in this area is a 10 or 20 feet tall cliff ledge where the brave can step up and jump off!  It’s an amazing experience and I know you’ll have a lot of fun doing it…

The last attraction I’ll mention is the 17,000 square feet wave pool, where you can enjoy waves up to 5 feet tall as you roll with them for some possible body surfing!  It’s very popular at the Adventure Island Water Park in Tampa, and you’ll find people here throughout the day as they take time out from the busy schedule of the many rides and slides…  Because of the Florida resident annual discount, you’ll find many locals that come here also, and I highly recommend coming!  Have fun!


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