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white water rafting


French Broad River: North Carolina White Water Rafting Fun!


The French Broad River in North Carolina is one of the nicest and most relaxing white water rivers in the U.S. southeast, with milder rapids and warmer water than some of the other monster rivers that are available here…  It’s perfect for first timers and families or for just spending some time on the water with friends… If you live in the southeast United States, you know how those long hot summer days can be, if you are stuck at home or at the office while everyone else is outRead More

Chattooga River: Wild and Scenic Rafting River Splendor


“The Chattooga River in Georgia is a wild and scenic river classified by the government. This river is very beautiful with the surrounding mountains around it, and it’s one of the best white water rafting trips in the southeast…” White water rafting is an incredibly fun activity for anyone, and if you haven’t yet been able to try it out, I urge you to give it a try… There many great rivers in the southeast United States and many of them are good for beginners or first timers such asRead More