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Wonders of the Cayman Islands


The Caribbean has always been North America’s tropical wonderland, and it’s where everyone goes to relax and decompress when they are stressed out due to overwork, the winter cold, or both! Warm water, fantastic weather, and a cool Pina Colada in your hand seems to do the trick!  There are many great destinations in the Caribbean that will help in chasing those winter blues away, but one of my favorites is Grand Cayman, or the Cayman Islands.  They are just south of Jamaica, and actually include 3 separate islands, Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.

The total square mileage of all 3 islands is only about 100 miles or so, and that makes it pretty small even as far as the Caribbean goes! But one thing they do have is probably the best diving in the whole basin, and that’s because of the famous Cayman “wall”…  In scuba diving terms, a wall is an underwater drop-off that goes from relatively shallow to deep pretty quickly, and usually has a big selection and variety of marine life at various places on the wall.  You can see quite a bit on the wall just by controlling your Buoyancy compensator up or down, and it’s a pretty relaxing dive.  As you look down it will get black quickly, as a good ledge will have a bottom far below your depth range.  Just remember what your mother used to say about those things that go bump in the night!  You may not be able to see them, but they probably can see you, and you might just look like dinner!

There are many dive shops available for both charter boats or maybe just shore diving, and snorkeling is available for those not yet scuba certified. If you’re interested in learning how to scuba, you can also take a quick “resort class”, which will certify you to dive with the instructor handy.  Grand Cayman is the largest island where most of the industry is and the residents live, but the two smaller islands are also both great for diving.  Little Cayman and Cayman Brac have snorkeling and scuba with some great ledges and reefs, but also some nice above water caves to explore!  There’s plenty to do for everyone, even if you just want to hand out and relax in a hammock for some alone time…


Back on Grand Cayman, be sure to visit “Hell”, a pretty strange area on the island. It’s actually a town and has a post office, so if you are interested you can mail a letter from Hell!  You can also say that you’ve been to Hell and back…  There are some wild looking rock formations in this area, one of the reasons for the name.

Another one of the islands famous attractions is the Caymans Turtle Farm, which houses many types and varieties of large sea turtles for rehabilitation. They find these turtles that are in need of medical attention and they help them get better before releasing them back into the wild.  They also do some much needed study on these creatures so that they can provide information on how better to help them survive and prosper.  That is an incredible trip, and probably a must see while you are on the island!


Interested in some horseback riding on the beach? It’s available here on the island…  So is the Atlantis Submarine ride which is a great way to view the underwater sea life without getting wet yourself.  Fancy a helicopter ride to the other islands?  You can also try that out.  They also have go-carting, Jet Ski fishing, and an observation tower to climb for a good view of the surrounding area.  Another must see if you plan on doing some snorkeling is the famous “Stingray City”, where you can hand feed lots of stingrays on a waist deep sandbar out in the bay!  That is quite an experience, and you’ll have a great time!

So even though it’s not a huge island, there is more than enough to do here, and you should already be planning your next trip to Grand Cayman or one of its smaller islands nearby… It’s warm all year long, so pick a good time for you and bring the whole family!  The Cayman Islands, there’s no better place to be!

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