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Wonders of the Georgia Aquarium


The unofficial capital of the southeastern United States is Atlanta Georgia, and it’s an amazing city with many fantastic attractions, including the Aquarium Georgia, better known as the Georgia Aquarium.  This is a relatively new attraction in the Atlanta area and is the largest aquarium in the world!  It was created by private investors who wanted to bring something to Georgia that would help educate and entertain its citizens and the millions of tourists that the aquarium would drive to Atlanta.  Today, it is a huge draw and many people have visited the city that would not otherwise have come.

The Aquarium Georgia is located downtown in a heavily touristy area which is considered safe enough and is within walking distance of several other great attractions in Atlanta.  When the aquarium first opened, there were extremely long lines waiting to buy tickets and get inside, but it isn’t so bad now to gain access.  Probably the biggest attraction at the aquarium is the huge Whale Sharks, which is the largest species of sharks in the world.  They have several of them in one of the largest tanks in the world, and it is an amazing experience to see these gentle giants slowly swim over your head as you pass through a glass enclosed tunnel.  No other aquarium in the U.S. that I know of has whale sharks, and just transporting them to the aquarium was an incredible feat!  They modified a jumbo jet to carry the whales inside a tank from Taiwan all the way to Atlanta, and they then had to truck the whales from the airport to the aquarium during the middle of the night to avoid the worst of Atlanta’s traffic.  It was definitely truly amazing!

Running an aquarium takes a lot of work, and it requires many aquarium and marine life experts to ensure the health and welfare of the fish and mammals.  The amount of care requires much outside help, and the aquarium has an extensive volunteer program for interested people to work different shifts to help them out.  It’s also a good way to learn quite a bit about aquariums and marine life, if that is a hobby of yours.


The Aquarium Georgia is divided up into several different habitats, such as the Georgia Traveler, Dolphin Tales, Cold Water Quest, Ocean Voyager, River Scout, Tropical Diver, and of course, Journey with the Gentle Giants (the Whale Sharks).  All of these habitats are amazing and the visitor should make sure they have as much time as is needed to see everything.  Each of these journeys will take you through a different part of the world and you will be able to experience the various creatures and sea life endemic to those regions.

For instance, one of my favorites is the Cold Water Quest exhibit, which includes Penguins of different species, Sea Otters, and Beluga Whales.  These are not the small tanks that you may have seen in other aquariums around the country or world, these are huge exhibits with plenty of living space for the animals to play and frolic in, and the builders should be given their due credit to create an attraction of this magnitude!  I’ve been to several aquariums in the United States, and the Aquarium Georgia is by far the best I’ve seen so far…


One of the better tours or additional add-ons that you can do is the scuba diving program.  If you are a certified diver, you can register for a dive at a certain time with one of the aquarium divemasters and actually swim with the incredible Whale Sharks!  What an amazing experience to have, you will remember this scuba dive for the rest of your life as you get to explore the many different fish and sharks that are in the tank.  It’s a very popular attraction at the aquarium, so make sure to register ahead of time!  They also have many other tours and behind the scenes activities that you can have access to, but all of these require an extra fee.  However, if you have the time and the money, they are highly recommended if you are interested in learning a lot more about these fabulous sea creatures.


There are also a few shows that you should not miss, including a 4D adventure that will leave you buzzing!  4D is different than 3D, with more amazing sensations that will leave you wondering where the next surprise is coming from!  There are also many events that are held at the Aquarium Georgia, or Georgia Aquarium, including birthday parties, sleepovers, and children’s camps…  In fact, if you can think something up, I’m sure that they can accommodate you with the request, because revenue is always a big issue.  They have a lot of mouths to feed, and the more money they can bring in the better!  So head down to the Georgia Aquarium and visit for a spell, you will love it!


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